Beyond Surrender

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon (February 1982)
ASIN: 0380790386

She was driven to marry him... though her love belonged to another.

Dianna Bradley had always loved Christian Cartwright, but her girlhood dreams were shattered when Christian left England for Virginia, with his bride. Heartbroken and angry, Danni vowed to fulfill her mother's deathbed wish. She would wed her wealthy Virginia cousin, North Delveau - and pursue Christian to the New World.

Danni soon discovered, though, how greatly she had deceived herself, as her dislike for North Delveau became a restless yearning. His black mocking eyes and fierce, rugged beauty burned into her soul. His arrogant indifference drove her to fury.

If only North could understand and forgive her. If only he could forget the Indian girl who filled his heart. He was bound to Danni by the honor of wedlock, but they would have to suffer the torment of their passions, the shame of jealousy and betrayal, and the violence of the Virginia wilderness... before their desires bid them surrender to love.

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